Wednesday, 30 November 2011

Does Your Banana Measure Up?

Good news for those of you visiting Tapai shortly if you happen to have a 7.1 inch or above penis (18cm for metric types); a Tapai male only sauna is offering free entry (oo err) to those with slightly larger 'assets'.  Although it's not explicit, one assumes that the penis should be your own and attached.  Hurrah!

This is in itself a mildly interesting development, but it's earned a place on my blog because of an animation illustrating the story.  Brit political types might remember the animated cartoons produced by appledaily during the election campaign depicting Gordon Brown in a range of funny escapades? Newsnight even hired them to do one on 'Bigotgate' (watch it again here).  Rather wonderfully,  apple have produced a video for the sauna story intercut with footage from the actual sauna.  Yes, I am very easily amused.  Check it out below:


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