Sunday, 6 February 2011

Notes From the Archive: Public Sex

I've been having a read through past posts on the blog. Inevitably, things are written, read and rarely re-visited but some of the posts are well worth a second look (if I do say so myself!). For some of you, it may well be the first time you read these posts. So, starting today, I begin a series of posts that pull together past posts around a number of themes. This week, it's the turn of 'Public Sex'.

Those Naughty Firefighters

ACLU Steps into the Craig Saga – are sting operations “unconstitutional”?

San Rafael Sting Operation

Bookshop Raid

Public Sex and Private Eye

Bring on the Public Sex

Dogging: A Love Story

A fumble on the beach and turning a blind eye

Men Cautioned for Sex Act in Public Toilets

Public Sex in New York

Park & Ride Arrests

Cruising in Amsterdam

Public Sex in Reading

UK Cottaging

The Comfort Zone

Sex in a Cubicle Private?

Stan Collymore on Jeremy Kyle

Police Destroy Public Sex Images

Public Sex, a Knight and Oxford’s Capture by the Whore of Babylon

Operation Aqua and the Coalition Against Cruising

The Right to Public Sex

The Fairoaks Project: Visions of a 70s Bathhouse

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